Thursday, May 5, 2016

Burnin' Up #12 | Empties

With warm weather finally gracing Minnesota, my candle burning has slowed quite a bit. It's taken me some time to gather these empties, and now I'm ready to show you what's been making my home smell heavenly and whether or not any of them are worth a repurchase. 

Amber & Bergamot scented candle - This is a target candle I got a year or two ago on clearance at the end of the season. It is described as smelling like bergamot zest, tainted rose, fresh verbena, cardamom seeds, wild geranium, and oakmoss resin. It was earthy and smelled so good in the jar, but once it was lit it didn't smell like anything. Such a shame! 

B&BW Sparkling Icicles candle - I believe this candle was part of Bath & Body Works' winter collection from this past year. The smell is described as a citrus bouquet, bergamot and a touch of holiday moss. To me, it smelled like bergamot and a really fresh men's cologne. I liked it, and I'd get it again if it's released in the future. 

Bella by Illume Mandarin Woods candle - This is another candle that smelled so good in the jar, but had absolutely no throw once it was lit. Characterized by red cedarwood, Italian mandarin and star jasmine, it's the perfect blend of citrus and woods. If only it actually made the house smell nice when it was burning! 

Bahoma London Seduction candle - I got this in a set that came with a reed diffuser in the same smell. The scent is made up of cardamom, amber, patchouli, sweet vanilla, musk and amber. It musky and woodsy (can you tell what kind of scents I like??) and smelled good when it burned. It's definitely more of a fall/winter scent. Aside from burning like crap (see all the wax on the side?!), I liked it! 

Darsee & David's Vintage Luxe fragrance candle - This candle is from Hobby Lobby (I think this is their house brand of candles), and it smelled like pipe tobacco and musky amber. Another fall/winter scent that I really enjoyed.

Better Homes & Gardens Frankinscense  & Myrrh wax melts - You'll either love this smell or hate it, but I quite liked it. The scent is exactly what you'd expect, and if you like that, you'll enjoy these melts because the smell will majorly fill your home. 

What candles are you burning? Let me know!  

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