Monday, December 17, 2012

Avon - Fuchsia Fun

I have only worn two holiday manicures yet this season (a minimal amount in the nail blog world). However, after two in a row I have already been craving a color completely different and this summery color hit the spot. This is two coats of Avon's Fuchsia Fun.

In the bottle it appears to have more pink shimmer than it shows once it is painted on, but this is still a really gorgeous polish. I'm definitely adding this to my (mental) list of favorite pinks so I can remember it again come spring and summer, when it will be more seasonally appropriate. 

Fuchsia Fun painted on smoothly, which was nice considering other Avon Nailwear Pro polishes I've used dried slower than this one and had a slightly more difficult formula to work with. After this nice bright mani, I think I just might be able to stomach one more holiday themed design before Christmas comes and goes. 


  1. Cool. I have wondered about Avon polishes and if they were any good because they are very affordable.

    1. As long as you have a fast-drying topcoat (whether that be Seche Vite or Sally Hansen Insta Dri - both good) they are pretty manageable, in my experiences!


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