Friday, August 31, 2012

Color Club - Blue-Ming

I'm back, I'm back! I'm sorry I went on a mini hiatus with no notice. I went and got acrylic nails a couple weeks ago to celebrate my bachelorette party (as you can tell, my primary wedding color is orange), and had them painted with an unknown OPI color (anyone know what it is? I tried looking it up to no avail)  and some sparkly orange glitter. This week I finally got sick of them so I cut them down and repainted them. Here's what they looked like:

Once I got sick of the orange and repainted my nails, I went with a color I got in my Birchbox a month or two ago. This is two coats of Color Club's Blue-Ming, and this is the first Color Club polish I've ever used. I'd have to say I really liked the formula and application of this polish (although you can see some bubbles on my middle finger), and I will certainly buy this brand again if I come across it. However, I never see it anywhere here in Minnesota! Anyone know of a place that sells it?

This pretty Tiffany's-esque blue was pretty enough alone, but I wanted to jazz it up a bit with some glitter, so I added one coat of Sally Hansen's Teal-y Cool which is a really pretty teal glitter made up of small and larger circular glitters.  It's very subtle on top of Blue-Ming, and it probably would have been even better with one more coat, but my nails were feeling pretty thick already, so I topped it off with one coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri top coat and called it quits.

Overall, I really like this combo. It's a good end of summer mani; it's really bright and bold, and it has the perfect sparkle to add a little something extra. I can't help thinking my nails look like a Tiffany's box.
What do you think? 

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